Steam Locomotive Restoration, Repair & Construction

Forging the Future of Steam

If you’re looking to repair or restore an antique steam locomotive, you’re going to want a team with decades of experience at your service. That’s where we come in.

Strasburg Rail Road Mechanical Services has over 250 years of combined experience in steam locomotive restoration, maintenance, repair, and construction. Our experts offer world-class skills and innovative solutions to ensure that your locomotive operates at its peak ability for many seasons to come.

We can provide the following services for steam locomotives:

Steam Locomotive Safety Inspections

With an extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local safety regulations, our team prides itself on providing detailed inspections of operational and inoperative steam locomotives. We also offer in-depth diagnostic inspections for unidentified issues.

Steam Locomotive Repair Shop

Without properly functioning driving/running gear and appliances, your locomotive could end up inoperative – costing you both time and revenue for missed ride experiences. Our experts will work quickly and diligently to get your iron horse back on the rails in no time.

Steam Locomotive Restorations & Overhauls

Throughout our 60+ years in business, Strasburg Rail Road has performed numerous overhauls on historic steam locomotives. Using a combination of steam-era methods and modern practices, our team is dedicated to returning railroad relics to operation.

Steam Locomotive Construction

We have the extensive knowledge and expertise to design and build a reproduction of any part of your locomotive, from specialty wheel work to construction of a brand new locomotive. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you get on track towards achieving your goals.

Case Study

Preserving Locomotive Boston And Maine 3713

Helping maintain a piece of history for future generations. When Steamtown National Historic Site decided to restore Locomotive No. 3713, named The Constitution, to its former glory, they turned to the expert staff at Strasburg Rail Road Mechanical Services to design and construct a firebox, a vital component for the engine.

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