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As one of the most crucial components, a locomotive boiler (or any antique steam boiler) requires exceptional care and attention.

ASME Stamp
NBIC R Stamp

The Strasburg Rail Road Boiler Shop is the first steam locomotive repair shop in the United States to receive ASME “S” Stamp and NBIC “R” Stamp certifications. This means we’re certified by ASME and NBIC to produce and repair boiler components in accordance with nationally and internationally accepted construction and repair standards.

Our boilermakers are driven by results and passion. They have extensive experience producing flanged boiler sheets in many configurations by hot flanging, hand flanging, and using  flanging machinery. 

Our Antique Steam Boiler Services

We employ masterful welders and fabricators who are certified in various procedures and produce the highest-quality work. Our experts offer the following services for steam boilers:

Case Study

Preserving The Baldwin Locomotive 152

Our mechanical team rebuilds and restores all aspects of the trains, including the construction and refurbishment of wooden passenger cars, like the ones you ride in when you visit Strasburg Rail Road. One of our projects was restoring the Baldwin Locomotive 152 for the Huckleberry Railroad.

Strasburg Mechanical Employees standing by a steam engine part

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Our recognition as a Code Shop allows us to design, build, and repair antique boilers in any jurisdiction in the country. If you’re interested in working with some of the best boilermakers in the industry, fill out the contact form below.