Featured Steam Locomotive Restoration Projects

Since 1958, our team has been involved in the successful operation and exhibition of many steam locomotive restoration projects around the world. We pride ourselves on the quality results that we’ve produced over the years, but we believe that our best work is yet to come. 

Explore our case studies below to see what we’re capable of doing for you.

  • An image of washout plugs

    Great Western Decapod No. 90 Washout Plugs

    The Strasburg Mechanical team not only rebuilds and restores all aspects of trains, like the ones you ride in when you visit Strasburg Rail Road, but we can also custom manufacture parts, large or small, for your project.  Recently our team made some brand new washout plugs for our Great Western Decapod No. 90. A…


  • New steam dome lid

    Preserving the Baldwin No. 152

    Our mechanical team rebuilds and restores all aspects of the trains, including the construction and refurbishment of wooden passenger cars, like the ones you ride in when you visit Strasburg Rail Road. One of our projects was restoring the Baldwin Locomotive 152 for the Huckleberry Railroad.  A Brief History of the Baldwin Locomotive 152 The…


  • Strasburg Mechanical Employees standing by a steam engine tube part

    Preserving Historic Locomotive Boston And Maine 3713

    Helping maintain a piece of history for future generations. When Steamtown National Historic Site decided to restore Locomotive Boston And Maine 3713, named The Constitution, to its former glory, they turned to the expert staff at Strasburg Rail Road Mechanical Services to design and construct a firebox, a vital component for the engine. They later…


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