Capabilities and Railroad Equipment

Providing world-class work in the steam railroading industry

General Capabilities

With more than 250 years of combined experience in steam locomotive repair and design, and construction of heritage and historical railroad equipment, the Strasburg Rail Road Mechanical Department is able to get your equipment “on the road”. We will be glad to address any technical questions or problems you may have with your roster. The following will provide some insight into the quality we produce, and the challenges we have overcome.

  • Cast iron repair
  • Design of welded fabrications to replace castings
  • Coal specification and analysis
  • Iron, brass, bronze, and steel casting design and patternmaking
  • Wooden car design and material specifications
  • Asbestos abatement performed by certified technicians at our site

Design and Engineering

The Strasburg Rail Road has been the leader in developing innovative solutions to problems encountered in keeping steam locomotives and wooden passenger cars safe, reliable, and dynamic while maintaining the historic substance of the equipment. In order to accomplish this mission successfully, we have an engineering staff that can reach into the past, retrieve accurate historic data, then bring it to life using modern design, tools, and concepts. This unique ability is applied to all of our work and is available for your particular requirements.


Our modern shop, built in 1983 and significantly expanded in 2017, was designed specifically for the specialized work of steam locomotive repair and restoration. Our equipment was acquired with the express intent that each piece provides the most versatility in addressing the repair or construction of any locomotive, car, or appliance.

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