Expert Railroad Consultants

Helping You Get On The Right Track

Do you have a niche need for a piece of railroad equipment but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to restore a historic dining car to its former glory? Or maybe you have machinery that isn’t functioning properly?

Whatever your circumstances, our railroad consultants can help you set a course of action to achieve your goals. We offer full-service railroad consulting, and our experts are happy to travel to your location and get their hands dirty.

Railroad Consulting Services

Our rail consultants can assist you in the following ways:

Repair Consulting

If you’re experiencing an issue that your team can’t identify, tap our team in! We’ll inspect your equipment extensively until we can confidently pinpoint the problem. Then, we can either step in to resolve it ourselves or step aside to let your staff take over.

Restoration and Reproduction Consulting

Do you have a vision to replicate or restore a historic railroad artifact? Our railroad consultants can help bring it to reality. We’ll thoroughly discuss your desires, budget, and timeline, then provide you with an honest scope estimate for the work. If something isn’t advised or attainable, we’re always upfront about it.

On-Site Project Coordination

Railroad preservation projects involve many moving parts and require thorough coordination. Our railroad consultants and contractors can work with your team on-site to get your project running smoothly.

Inspections & Certifications

We offer FRA Form No. 4 calculations for certification of locomotive boilers and will travel to your facility to perform required inspections and maintenance.

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